Plast, Ukrainian Scouting Organization – USA provides medical and humanitarian aid to Ukraine via their Scouts for Ukraine campaign.

The Paul Chester Children’s Hope Foundation provides highly specialized medical assistance to individuals and families in developing countries. 

Ukrainian National Women’s League of America promotes and develops educational and cultural efforts and provides humanitarian assistance to Ukrainians worldwide.

World Information Transfer works with United Nations/ECOSOC to promote health and environmental literacy.

United Ukrainian American Relief Committee provides vital medical supplies, care for the injured and refugees, and shelter and food to those affected by the war.

Revived Soldiers Ukraine promotes awareness of human rights and freedoms while delivering humanitarian aid to those in need.

Ukrainian Medical Association of North America, provides medical relief for victims of the war

Razom fosters Ukrainian democracy and civil society through a global network of experts and organizations supporting democracy activists and human rights advocates throughout Ukraine. 

House of Ukraine provides military supplies, military aid kits and medicines, and protein/energy bars to Ukrainian soldiers.